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Edward Mazria: Leading Building Decarbonization Success

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  • Edward Mazria, CEO of Architecture 2030, reports a significant reduction in carbon intensity for U.S. residential and commercial buildings by 39.8% and 43.7% respectively since 2005, despite a 62.5 billion square foot increase in building space. This stability in energy use led to a 28.4% drop in CO2 emissions and $530 billion in energy cost savings from 2010 to 2022.
  • Over 70% of U.S. electricity consumption powers buildings, with a rapid increase in renewable energy use supported by federal programs and local initiatives, contributing to the adoption of clean energy. Globally, renewable energy capacity is expected to double within the next five years.
  • Tools like EC3 and the Carbon Smart Materials Palette are popularising sustainable design, aligning with global emissions reduction targets from 158 parties to the Paris Agreement. The urgency for further emissions reduction in the building sector is underscored by the AR6 Synthesis Report, demonstrating its capability for rapid transformation.

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