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SECI to Issue Tender for 500 MW Concentrated Solar-Thermal Power Project

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The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) is planning to issue a tender for a concentrated solar-thermal power (CSP) storage project. This project, with an initial capacity of 500 MW, aims to provide round-the-clock green energy and is likely to be located in Gujarat, Rajasthan, or Andhra Pradesh due to their higher solar radiation.

CSP technology concentrates solar power through mirrors, heating up a fluid or salt mixture to produce steam for turbines.


In India's solar energy journey since 2010, solar CSP had taken a backseat (and this is the case worldwide too). It is good to see the government trying to revive this side of solar energy. Solar CSP has its challenges, but it also holds significant promise as a possible source for baseload renewable power owing to the robustness of thermal energy storage.

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