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Daimler's Next Generation eCanter Electric Truck-Revolutionizing Indian Transport

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Daimler India Commercial Vehicles launches all-electric eCanter in India, marking its foray into the battery electric commercial vehicle market.

The move aligns with Daimler Truck's commitment to decarbonize transportation, aiming for CO2-neutral trucks globally by 2050.

The eCanter's launch is the first step toward DICV's long-term strategy for sustainable transportation solutions in India.


These are the light duty smaller trucks, the more easily electrifiable in the trucking sector. Heavy trucks - much more than 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers and cars - need low carbon solutions given that they are responsible for 40% of emissions.

Battery-based electrification seems to be a challenging option for large trucks, and fuel cell based trucks might take a while, until the price of green hydrogen reaches a more affordable number. One of the avenues could be hybrid electric trucks. 

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