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SolarSquare Acquires PV Diagnostics to Enhance Residential Solar Solutions

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Mumbai-based SolarSquare, a leader in rooftop solar solutions, has acquired PV Diagnostics, a consultancy firm with expertise in utility-scale solar power. This acquisition aims to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of SolarSquare's residential solar installations in India.

PV Diagnostics boasts an industry experience of 8 GW, having collaborated with major developers like Tata Power and Adani. Their expertise in sourcing high-quality modules, diagnostics, and technology will be integrated into SolarSquare's offerings. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.


As India moves to the next stage of scaling and development in solar (and in other climate tech solutions), focus will shift from topline growth to performance. This is where the leveraging of digital solutions - AI, analytics, IoT etc. - will start play increasingly important roles both at the design and installation phase, as well as in the O&M phase.

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