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Amplus Solar to Launch Distributed Green Hydrogen Projects by 2025

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Amplus Solar plans to launch distributed green hydrogen projects by next year, expanding its portfolio beyond its current 1.9 GW of operational and under-construction distributed solar assets in India. CEO Sharad Pungalia aims to replicate the success of their rooftop solar model, providing customers with green electricity and hydrogen on their premises. The company will source electrolysers from third parties rather than manufacturing them, focusing on project development and supply.


That's a rather interesting proposition - making green hydrogen at site.

Makes a lot of sense from logistics point of view - as hydrogen is best made where it is used, and solar power (from rooftop solar) and water can be made available in most places.

The key challenge will be in the form of electrolyzers - specifically small capacity electrolyzers - if Amplus is looking at implementing this at an SME level. Right now, the unit economics for using small scale electrolyzers are not very favourable though there are startups working on modular electrolyzers.   

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