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Sanjeeta KK of OGMO Foods @ Climate Startup Stories Workshop

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The Chennai Climate Consortium (C3) held an Climate Startup Stories Workshop on Mar 18, 2023.

The aim of the workshop was to share 8 innovative climate startup founders & their startup journeys. The event saw the participation of over 75 industry delegates, professionals and climate startup enthusiasts.

Sanjeeta KK of OGMO Foods participated as a startup story teller and shared her interesting startup journey. She shared her interesting experience with illeterate people who don't know the value of money but identifying with the colour of currenty. Also she has pointed out the advantages of millets and how it helps in sustainability.

C3 thanks Sanjeeta for this time and efforts to contribute to the workshop.





Sanjeeta speaks at C3 Climate Startup Stories Workshop

Sanjeeta with Priya