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CLIMAFIX Summit 2022
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A half day workshop organized by the Chennai Climate Consortium in which we had 8 innovative climate startup founders tell their startup journeys.

The founders & startups were:

Sivaram Pillai - Proklean Tech - a green chemicals startup

Sanjeeta KK - OGMO Foods - a healthy & sustainable foods startup

Chandrasekharan Jayaraman - Watsan Envirotech - sustainable water purification

Kern Agrawal - Carbon Loops - Waste to biogas startup

Deepak Rajmohan - Green Pod Labs - nanotech used to reduce fruit & vegetable waste

Satya Chakravarthy - IITM Professor - founder of multiple startups, across electric aviation, low carbon trucking, hyperloops, satellites and more

Rohit Grover - Aerostrovilos - Using gas turbine tech to electrify trucks

Bhaskar R - Datasee.AI - Using AI & ML & visual analytics for renewable energy power plants

The event saw the participation of over 75 industry delegates, professionals and climate startup enthusiasts





Group Photograph of the Event

Photo of storyteller founders & panel members

EAI team that organized the event