India Renewable Energy Inventor's Zone

EAI, Energy Alternatives India is the leader in reseaerch and consulting for the Indian renewable energy industry, and has been a catalyzing force the renewable energy movement in India.

EAI is all set to launch its new feature, 'Inventor's Column', which serves as a platform for researchers, students and Industry professional to submit their renewable energy based inventions in this section to gain tremendous exposure and an opportunity to be recognized world-wide.

Here's why:

  • Over 1000 people visit EAI everyday.
  • Our mailing list has over 2000 members who get regular updates.
  • Our blog and message board are some of the most referred resources online for Renewable Energy information.

Your invention or innovation has the potential to get exposed to professionals, researchers and companies focussed on Renewable Energy. And you get this benefit at no cost.

The invention or innovation you submit must be related to the field of renewable energy. Articles need to be in English. There is no minimum prescribed length; however, we request you to edit and proof-read your contribution before sending it to us.

All you need to do is to fill in the form below and upload your contribution. If accepted, it will be published within a few days and you will be informed about it.

Or just email details about yourself & your invention to Narasimhan-

Details about the Invention


  • Your invention should be original and does not infringe any existing legal rights / patents or any other third party rights.
  • Author should have the full authority to publish the article and should get approval from their co-inventors to publish the details.
  • The submission will be published after the review by EAI team.

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