E2Expo – India’s 1st Online Expo for Energy & Environment Sectors

EAI is proud to launch E2Expo, India’s first dedicated online expo for energy and environment sectors. With clean energy and environment fast becoming vital industrial sectors for the sustainability of our planet, there has been a significant business momentum too for these sectors. In the past few years, there have been many hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of […]

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Sustainable Packaging – Even Jerks Can Save the World

Packaging revolution is one phenomenon that has made some really dramatic difference to all our lives. Imagine how miserable we would be without packaging of all sorts. But such packaging comfort has come with its own ills. Firstly, a large proportion of our packaging is disposable in nature, and all these packaging significantly increase the waste […]

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Going Light on Resources – Even Jerks Can Save the World

Want to go real light on natural resources? This really is not as difficult as you think it is! It is fairly obvious to anyone who spares a moment of thought that using fewer things and/or fewer new things to get the same job done or achieving the same lifestyle comforts mean using fewer natural resources […]

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What do I do about plastics? – Even Jerks Can Save the World

  Plastic is everywhere. A good number of disposable plastic items pollute our land and water, and we all wish to something about this. But what? While you will hear numerous ideas of how to decrease plastic pollution, a good many of them are not practical. For instance, I have heard so many idealistic suggestions […]

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Rain Water Harvesting – Even Jerks Can Save the World

Take a bow to whoever originally thought up rain water harvesting. What a simple idea that can make such a big difference! Why let off water that can be used when you need it? Rainwater harvesting systems are simple to implement, robust, and can help your house be water secure even during water crisis elsewhere. […]

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