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Who we are

EAI is a boutique management consulting firm that provides decarbonization and low carbon pathway assistance to Indian stakeholders that are impactful and effective.

The following are the key offerings from EAI

  • Top Management Consulting
  • Assisting Indian Corporates to Profit from Decarbonization
  • Climate Startup Assistance
  • Low Carbon Solution Promotion
  • Chennai Climate Consortium

Top Management Consulting

  • Solar Energy - Solar PV & Solar Thermal. Our team has industry expertise along the entire solar PV value chain - from polysilicon to offgrid solar products, and has assisted over 100 companies with market intelligence and business strategy development for the solar energy market. More...
  • Electric Mobility - Electric Vehicles, EV components & EV charging infrastructure. Our EVNext division is a leader in its focus on assisting companies incorporate powerful innovations in their e-mobility strategies. More...
  • Biomass - Bio-energy & biofuels, Bioplastics & other Biomass-based value added products. EAI's BioBiz division is one of the very few dedicated industry research teams in India acquainted with critical all dimensions of the bio-energy & bio-materials markets More...
  • Sustainability Edge - Assisting corporates design, evaluate and align sustainability strategies. Our work with large corporates in the last ten years have provided us with an exceptional ability to architect powerful sustainability strategies in diverse industries. More...

CO3 Consulting - Assisting Indian Corporates to Profit from Decarbonization

CO3 Consulting can enable you to quickly understand the attractive decarbonization opportunities relevant to your firm and help you chart out the implementation roadmap.

EAI’s CO3 Consulting is currently offered for three decarbonization verticals - Bio-energy/Bio-materials, Electric mobility & Digital for decarbonization.


Climate Startup Assistance

Through its CLIMAFIX division, EAI provides focussed assistance to Indian climate tech startups in scaling their businesses, and facilitates Indian and investors in identifying and investing in impactful startups.


Low Carbon Solution Promotion

EAI also supports India’s decarbonization efforts by acting as an important vehicle of awareness creation for specific low carbon solutions.

Some of the solutions we currently focus on include

  • Heat pumps
  • Biomass briquettes & pellets
  • Bio-CNG (also called compressed biogas or CBG)
  • Solutions to enhance solar power plant yields
  • Low carbon commercial vehicles
  • Battery & fuel cell innovations
  • Digital tools for decarbonization

Chennai Climate Consortium (C3)

The Chennai Climate Consortium, known simply as C3, is a pioneering effort by EAI and some of its business partners to dramatically accelerate decarbonization for Chennai-based industries & commercial units through a Think Local approach.

C3 is at the core a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform which facilitates all the key drivers for faster decarbonization - low carbon solution awareness & intelligence, effective interactions between key stakeholders, and faster commercialization of climate innovations.

More about C3 from here

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