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Biomass Boilers Guide – Guide to Pick Optimal Biomass, Processing & Boiler Type

Many companies in India, and worldwide, are shifting from the use of fossil fuels for their boilers to using biomass. Such a transition is not easy though, given the significant differences between biomass and coal or other fossil fuels – differences both in terms of product characteristics as well as the supply chain and other […]

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Backing Down Wind Mills in Tamil Nadu – There are two sides to every coin

Read an interesting article in The Economic Times today how there is a tussle between wind power generators and private conventional power generators, with TANGEDCO and MNRE being the other actors in the drama. The script goes like this: MNRE would like wind generation to have “must run” status, meaning they should be backed down as […]

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A Wind Turbine a Day, Keeps Fossil Fuels Away – Video

Every 1 MW wind turbine will annually replace 1500 T of coal, or 5 million cu.m of natural gas or 5 lakh liters of diesel. Impressive, isn’t it? has EAI developed a short anime video to represent these statistics. You can watch the video from this link == Interested in buying/selling wind farms and wind […]

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Tariff Hike for Conventional Power Inevitable

Seems that our coal fired thermal power plants the lifeblood of Indian power sector, will no longer be able to supply power at the same old affordable price.  The sequence of events happening in the coal industry and its influence on the power sector in the past few months is a definite indication that the […]

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Coal Power Plants Receive Loan from the World Bank to Reduce CO2 Emission and Increase Productivity

80 percent of electricity supply in India comes from coal plants which are old, inefficient and are emitting harmful gases. In order to upgrade these coal power plants and reduce harmful gas emission, the World Bank will extend a $180-million (Rs.900-crore) loan to India. In addition, to improve power production, the project is co-financed with […]

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