BioBiz Consulting

Consulting Assistance for Attractive Bio-based Biz Opportunities from EAI

Eco friendly bio based products and solutions represent a fast growing business worldwide, and in India.

Investing in these sectors significantly increase the prospects of sustainable, long term business success.

Are you an entrepreneur/industry/investor keen on entering the bio-based businesses?

Here is BioBiz Consulting assistance for bio-based products and solutions from India’s leading renewable energy consulting and research firm Energy Alternatives India (EAI).

Who will Benefit from BioBiz Consulting?

BioBiz is a consulting assistance offered by EAI, for the fast growing bio-based business opportunities in India.

BioBiz Consulting offers services in the following sectors:

What is BioBiz all about?

Companies and businesses working in agriculture, food & dairy, chemicals, packaging, environmental services, renewable energy/power and related sectors who are keen on venturing into bio-based product opportunities.

Why is BioBiz Unique?

There is no other management consulting/business intelligence service offered in India with a dedicated focus on the Indian bio-based sector. Thus, one could say that BioBiz Consulting from EAI is perhaps the first comprehensive market and strategy assistance provided for India’s fast growing biomass-based business opportunities.

Highlights of Bio-based Business Opportunities

  • Bio Environment - In today’s trend, there is an urgent need for industries and power plants to sustainably reduce and effectively treat their effluents and CO2 Algae and Biochar (charcoal obtained from plant matter) can be used for reducing carbon dioxide in atmosphere. Algae is also used for wastewater treatment
  • Bio Energy - Increasing carbon footprint and depleting conventional fuel resources are making large businesses and companies shift to bio based energy resources. Algae/castor based biofuels, oil from plastics and other plant based biomass (briquettes and pellets) are some notable energy resource areas to venture into.
  • Bio Materials - Increasing concerns over the use of plastics have increased the demand for sustainable alternatives to plastics such as bioplastics, biopolymers and other plastic alternatives such as bagasse based, jute based and wheat straw based products.
  • Bio Health - With increasing individual health and environmental concerns globally, many companies are looking for bio-based health products such as nutraceuticals, natural food ingredients, natural flavours & fragrances and cosmetics. Algae based health products are an interesting sector to look for. Castor oil is also an excellent source for natural cosmetics globally.
  • Bio chemicals - Owing to increasing carbon emission regulations and other health and environmental concerns, many companies in the consumer and specialty chemicals sector are looking for bio based feedstock. The major bio-based raw materials used in the production of green chemicals are vegetable oils, animal fats, sugar and starch, and bio-ethanol.

Scope of Our Consulting Services

EAI’s consulting focusses on providing strategic and market focused suggestions and recommendations to entrepreneurs and businesses keen on venturing into bio-based business opportunities. With our extensive network and contacts with different stakeholders across various bio-based sectors, EAI can also further assist entrepreneurs in collaborating with the right stakeholder in select industry.

Our core offering, however, is to enable our clients to understand the market, business and strategic potential for bio-based businesses.

Market Potential

In-depth understanding of the current and emerging markets for select biobased business opportunity

  • Market Size & Growth
  • Attractive Market Segments
  • Demand-supply Analysis

Product Possibilities

A clear understanding of various product possibilities in the select sector, their properties and their end use applications/markets.

  • Current Product Portfolio
  • Emerging Products and Features
  • Emerging End Use Markets

Drivers & Challenges

Key drivers and challenges that are shaping the market trends for select biobased product market worldwide

  • Market based Drivers & Challenges
  • Policy & Regulatory Drivers
  • Technology & Process Drivers and Challenges
  • Economics and other Challenges

Technology & Processes

Overview of technologies and production processes for the various products and solutions, and the key companies/solution providers for the same.

  • Technology and Process Overview
  • Emerging Innovations
  • Key Technology Stakeholders and Value chain

Why EAI?

Leader in Bio Sector Consulting

EAI is one of the very few cleantech consulting and research companies with a specialized focus on biomass-based business opportunities sectors. Our decade long consulting and market assistance for bio-based opportunities have covered biofuels, biomass to power, biomass to heating, nutraceuticals, renewable chemicals and bio-based environmental remediation. Our consulting has helped the Who’s Who of the World & India – The World Bank, Pepsi, GE, GSK, Reliance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and more.

Contacts & Network

Owing to our early mover status and pioneering work in renewable energy, we have exceptional contacts across the entire cleantech and biomass value chain, all across India.

Exceptional Professional Background

BioBiz Consulting is run by a team of professionals from IITs and IIMs, and having a team of specialised professionals in energy and environment.

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