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With serious efforts by many Global and Indian companies on the use of renewable energy for Industrial heat and power applications, Biomass energy sector is gaining a lot of traction in the country. Biomass is one of the only cost effective and practical ways to provide space heating, hot water and process heating/steam from a low carbon source.


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For Industrial and Commercial Biomass buyers

BioMetric – Biomass Supply Chain Optimization

With global mandates to conform to the corporate sustainability drive aimed at reducing overall carbon footprint, many large corporate are adopting biomass in their energy mix. In this process, there could be several challenges in technology transfer from fossil fuel to renewable fuel, biomass availability etc.

EAI’s BioMetric is a specialized consulting team that provides customized benefits on the following aspects, if you are in the process of shifting from coal to biomass, EAI can assist you in optimizing your biomass supply chain which includes:

If you are a large corporate looking to shift to biomass for your power and heating requirements, talk to us. For more on EAI’s BioMetric.

For Biomass Briquette and Pellet Suppliers

Identifying Biomass briquette and pellet buyers

If you are a biomass briquettes and pellets manufacturer or vendor, we can assist you in identifying companies who wants to source them at attractive prices.

EAI is assisting many large corporates and manufacturing companies in their energy shift from fossil fuels to biomass. If you are a biomass briquette/pellet vendor and finding it hard to reach out to your potential buyers, EAI can help you out. In terms of reach and contacts in the Renewables sector, we are simply unmatchable. Leverage this strength and get more business.

If you are a Biomass briquette/pellet manufacturer and looking for buyers, Know More

For Biomass Stakeholder seeking Investment

Identifying Investors for Biomass Stakeholders

Like any other renewable energy sector, finding investors for biomass projects could be challenging.

EAI is one of the most respected brands in the Indian biomass sector. Considered the premier in offering biomass solutions, our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of bio energy has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

EAI, with its unique position – having extensive contacts and reach in the industry can assist really attractive biomass projects in identifying equity investors.

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Why EAI?

EAI has an in-depth understanding of the Biomass Value Chain, and our team has worked on a variety of assignments catering to various stakeholders of the industry.

  • Our Team has assisted a US specialty chemical manufacturer in a smooth transition from Natural Gas to Biomass
  • We have helped a Global Foods and Pharma Major in optimizing the biomass supply chain
  • We provided comprehensive assistance in setting up a 2 MW Biomass Power plant for a concrete manufacturing company
  • Our Team has assisted in bringing investors for the completion of a 15 MW Biomass Power plant at Maharashtra

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