Are solar panels on greenhouses a good idea?

One of the main attractions of Solar PV is its ability to provide us with a distributed source of power.

Owing to this, one can find solar panels on all sorts of places. Some of these places you would never imagine – like, on a donkey, I am serious!

But there are less exotic and really useful places where solar panels can be put up – one of them is greenhouses.

Having solar panels on greenhouses is a good fit once you consider all the aspects – the space is available, even the water for cleaning panels is easily accessible as the greenhouse plants need watering too, and so on.

So, is it any surprise that solar panels are sprouting up on a good many greenhouses.

To know more, read this Solar Mango blog post on the use of solar panels on greenhouses and the varied benefits from the same. (part of Innovations in Solar series)


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