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I had been updating a blog I run on cleantech innovations, the Cleantech Gallery, for the past 8 months.

Thought it is a nice time of the year to present some of the really interesting/innovative ideas in cleantech I had included in that, in 2014. Here we go. I have mentioned 25 in the title, perhaps there are a few more than 25…more the merrier, what do you say?

A 200 million OLD phenomenon could give NEW oil sources? Because Morocco is connected to Nova Scotia?

McElroy Metal and MiaSole partnering to offer Lightweight Solar Metal roofing solution

Gold Nanoclusters Enhance Solar Power by Over 10%

Could you live on just 4 liters of water per day? Take the 4 Liters Challenge and help combat water poverty

Analytics for Solar and Energy Storage: Show Me the Money

Why Musk Is Building Batteries in the Desert When No One Is Buying

Cheaper, longer-lasting materials could enable batteries that make wind and solar energy more competitive

There’s a place in the world that is fighting poverty with solar power

US to launch $1 million inverter prize

Energy Use of a 100-Watt Light Bulb per Year by Source

Japan Focuses On Zero-Energy Buildings

This Startup Can Map The Solar Potential Of Every Single Home In Your City

Wearable tech: the next frontier of energy savings?

Saudi Agriculture Industry Eyes Solar-diesel Hybrids

Companies Turn to Technology to Engage Consumers in Smart Energy Management

Google/SunEdison Mashup Transforms Oil Field To Solar Power

More than 30 short-listed for Zayed Future Energy Prize

Micro-windmill research encourages innovation

UK’s first floating solar field produces 200kw of power

Awnings double as solar panels in new home

Smart Thermostat and Wireless Remote Sensors Systems to Lower Home Energy Use

Lamborghini Shows Off It’s New 901 Hp Hybrid Plugin Sports Car in Paris

3D Printable Solar Panels Might Be Coming Soon

Five ideas that will change solar energy

Sustainable school is designed around rooftop running track

Solar Cloth Company – Thin Film Solar for Parking Shades, Yachts and more

Amazon Heats Building With Data Center Waste Heat

How BIM is Enhancing Green Building in Asia

Project to Develop Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Electronics


























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