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Welcoming Yashraj Jariwala of Shaivaa Algaetech to CLIMAFIX SUMMIT 2022 – the 1st summit for Indian climate tech startups

What if I told you that you can extract products from biomass that are worth $100 a Kg? You might be impressed, but that’s still in the zone of believability.

Now raise the number to $7000/Kg. It appears like fantasy – la-la zone.

But it’s happening. A product called astaxanthin, derived from the microalgae with the super-easy-on-the-tongue name Haematococcus pluvialis, is worth $7,000/Kg (that’s over ten times the price of silver, and about a seventh the price of gold).

Just imagine: From those largely ignored microalgae (the stuff we think of green or red or brown goo), businesses are extracting highly valuable stuff which also replaces petroleum products.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant, used in nutraceuticals. Anti-oxidants are well known to keep cells healthy and have strong correlations to enhanced longevity.

Most astaxanthin produced today comes from petroleum. Unpalatable as it feels, most astaxanthin people gulp today in search of immortality comes ultimately from – petroleum.

You can now see why natural astaxanthin is beginning to be in great demand. Astaxanthin could be the tip of the iceberg for high potential bio-economy opportunities, as the world moves towards the twin goals of better health & decarbonization.

And in product categories such as these, businesses are going to do well not just for the world – they could also be grinning all the way to the bank.

The CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 is proud to welcome the young Yashraj Jariwala, founder of the microalgae startup Shaivaa Algaetech . With a biotech degree from The Johns Hopkins University, Yash has been fast growing his startup in Surat and is one of the few Indian firms in the field of high value products – including astaxanthin – from microalgae.

Yash will share his insights at the CLIMAFIX SUMMIT 2022, India’s first climate startup summit, Nov 25 & 26, Chennai, organized by the Climate Startup Intelligence division CLIMAFIX of EAI (Energy Alternatives India) & Energy Consortium – IIT Madras.

Welcome Yash – I’m positive that the summit will lead to a much higher awareness of the amazing potential of India’s bio-economy.

Narasimhan, Director – EAI

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