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About IBS

The India Bioplastics Summit 2017 is a 2-day conference & networking on the current and emerging business opportunities in bioplastics, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from these.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics including bioplastics & biopolymers, bio-based foodware and related products, sustainable packaging business opportunities and recycling opportunities.

Who should attend IBS?

The India Bioplastics Summit will be invaluable for

Entrepreneurs and businesses keen on investing in the bioplastics

Corporates looking for sustainable alternatives to packaging and keen to know the options available

Government officials/relevant ministries focused on reducing plastic pollution

Scientists, researchers academia working in the domains of bioplastics and sustainable packaging materials

Why should you attend India Bioplastics Summit?

Owing to the high quality and diversity of experts present at the event, the India Bioplastics Summit provides exclusive benefits for the attendees:

Experts @ India Bioplastics Summit 2017

IBS 2017 will bring together, for the first time, a comprehensive and diverse set of business, market and technical experts who are driving the growth of bio-plastics and and bio-based products in India.

  • Black Ace

    Ravichandran Kandaswamy


    MIT - Chennai

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  • First State Bank

    Gaurav Madhu

    Joint Director & Head

    IIP - Mumbai

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  • Custom Aire

    N. Sriram

    Managing Trustee

    Samriddhi Foundation

    View Profile

  • First State Bank

    Dr. Deepali Jadia

    Lab Manager

    ERRL - Mumbai

    View Profile

  • Dakota Molding

    Dr. Sunder Balakrishnan

    General Manager

    Natur Tec India Pvt Ltd

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  • First State Bank

    Dr. Harsh D. Jadia

    Sr. Scientist & Head

    ERRL - Mumbai

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  • First State Bank

    Narasimhan Santhanam

    Founder & Director

    EAI - Chennai

    View Profile

  • First State Bank

    Gayathri Kumar

    Research Analyst

    Bioplastics Guide

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  • First State Bank

    Pranay Kumar

    CEO & Founder

    Vasudhaecofriends Projects Ltd

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  • First State Bank

    TS Shankker


    Biotec Bags

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  • First State Bank

    Vinayaka Gangavathi

    Procurement Manager


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  • First State Bank

    Parkavi Kumar

    Energy Alternatives India

    Senior Consultant

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  • First State Bank

    Dr. Manmatha Mahato

    Product Head (R&D)

    Aakar Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Dr. Sachin H. Jain

    Founder and Director

    SKYi Innovations LLP Pvt ltd.

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  • Kurian Mathew

    Managing Director


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Schedule & Agenda

Bioplastics – A Great Business Opportunity

As of 2016, the plastic industry is worth $ 482 billion and the global production of plastics stood at 299 million tonnes. With the Plastics market growing, its disadvantages in sustainability and compostability are coming to light.

Bioplastics, with their low carbon footprint and their ability to degrade back to CO2 and water, are increasingly being recognized as valid substitutes for conventional plastics. The global bioplastics production capacity was 4.16 million tonnes as of 2016, which is just 1.7% of the global plastics market. This presents a huge business opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses planning to enter the Bioplastics market.

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The global bioplastics market, although currently less than 1%, is expected to have a double digit CAGR in the near future. The global production capacity of bioplastics is expected to increase up to 6 million tonnes by 2020 from 4.16 million tonnes in 2016.

By market segments, packaging (rigid and flexible) remains the leader of application for bioplastics with almost 39% of the total bioplastics market. The segment is expected to have a significant growth till 2021.

By region, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness a high growth as most of the currently planned projects are implemented in Thailand, India and China. It is expected that about 75% of bioplastics will be produced in Asia by 2020.

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The Indian bioplastics market is in its nascent stages with very few domestic players prevalent in the country. While half of their production caters to local demand, the rest of it is exported.

It is expected that the industry could expand in the coming years as most of the currently planned projects are being implemented in Thailand, India and China. It is presumed that about 75% of bioplastics will be produced in Asia by 2020.


It should be noted that the bioplastics market in India could explode in the coming years owing to the drivers listed below:

    • Availability of feedstock
    • India, being a leader in organic farming products, has very high potential for bioplastics to play a role in packaging of these products
    • The need for certain end-use segments to project themselves as eco-friendly and for packagers to meet the requirements in the export-oriented market


Some of the challenges hindering the growth of Indian bioplastics market include

    • Very low consumer awareness
    • Lack of recycling infrastructure
    • Lack of proper implementation and regulation of laws by the government on plastic ban

Steps should be taken to meet these challenges and expand the bioplastics market in India.

It is important to note that many research institutes and organizations such as IIT Madras, CIPET, IIT Delhi, IISc, etc. are working on these challenging areas in the bioplastics market to expand the sector in India.

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Indian Bioplastics Market+

Registration Fee - Rs.7500 (Inclusive of taxes)

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Call Nikhil @ 9940617877


Venue: The Capitol Hotel, Bengaluru

Schedule & Agenda

Registration: 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Day 1, Nov 24

11.30 AM – 11.40 AM – TEA BREAK

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM - Lunch

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Tea & Networking

Day 2, Nov 25

11.30 AM – 11.40 AM – TEA BREAK

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM - Lunch

4:45 PM - 5:30 PM – Tea & Networking


The fee per delegate for the 2 day event is Rs. 7500 (Inclusive of taxes)

Note: The fee includes coffee and lunch both days. It also includes a handbook on bioplastics prepared by EAI exclusively for this event.

Interested in registering for the event? Talk to Nikhil – 9940617877 or Send a note to

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