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40 kW solar roof top project for hotel at Thanjavur

EVOLVE INDIA SOLAR a division of SHIMATO ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD, a System integrator from Chennai has completed a 40 KW Solar roof top project for Lakshmi Hotel, Thanjavur using SOLAR PANELS from SHAN, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC XW SERIES ADVANCED HYBRID INVERTERS and Amara Raja Power stack VRLA AGM Sealed Maintenance free batteries.

The XW series Hybrid inverters are the latest offerings from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and come with an unique Cell option where in the Loads which are required for the lighting load and battery charge are then utilized towards their other connected loads thereby reducing the grid utilization based on the loads produced.

This project is installed completely with Monitoring systems which are wi-fi connected and offer minute my minute update on the system power generated, loads and are designed to send alarms to maintenance / users if there is any problem or problem with the system.

This project has also received a technical excellence rating from Schneider Electric and this project has been recently showcased as well.

EVOLVE INDIA SOLAR is a system integrator from Chennai, who specialize in offering only HIGH QUALITY SOLAR SYSTEMS using Solar panels from UPSOLAR (one of the best in the world), Inverters from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (FRANCE) AND SMA (GERMANY), Cables from LEONI (SWISS) and batteries from AMARA RAJA. Our products are rated amongst the best in the world and our final integration and installation is one of the best in the country.


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