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EAI Knowledge Mart – Promote Your Publication at EAI

[notification style=”success” font_size=”14px”] Have a publication or magazine for renewable energy or cleantech? We can help you sell it! Talk to EAI! [/notification]

EAI is India’s most popular web resource for renewable energy and cleantech. With an average daily traffic of over 3000 focused visitors to the page, and over 10,000 page views, EAI is also an important destination for renewable energy publications keen on promoting their products to a larger audience.

In order to assist the publishing and magazine industry, EAI has launched the EAI Knowledge Mart. Using the large amounts of focused traffic we get to our site every day, and the over 20000 subscribers to our newsletter EAI Daily, we can help you sell your reports and publications to a wide audience.

EAI Knowledge Mart is keen on partnering with reports and magazine providers from India and abroad who have a focus in renewable energy or cleantech. Should your company be interested, please send a note to promos@eai.in

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