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EAI Product Showcase

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EAI Company Showcase

EAI is India’s most popular web resource for renewable energy and cleantech. With an average daily traffic of over 3000 focused visitors to the page, and over 10,000 page views, EAI is also an important destination for renewable energy companies keen on promoting their businesses.

EAI Company Showcase is an ideal platform to promote your company at EAI.

How does the EAI Showcase Work?

Using our tremendous source of highly relevant traffic, EAI Company Showcase will enable your company to get focused exposure on EAI for an extended period of time.

Essentially, about 100 focussed sectors within renewable energy and cleantech will be showcased in this section. These categories will be so chosen that they provide a focused, and at the same time, large enough audience. Examples of such niche categories will be solar PV inverters, biomass gasifiers, bioremediation solutions for wastewater treatment etc. The full list of subcategories will be soon displayed.

Each of these subcategories will showcase a maximum of 20 companies. By limiting the maximum number of companies, we will ensure that each of the companies gets a significant attention from visitors.

Companies can take a 3 month, 6 month or annual space on the showcase. Participating companies will be provided with usernames and passwords using which they can manage their company stalls themselves.

The EAI showcase will be heavily promoted all across EAI and in its popular newsletter EAI Daily, thus ensuring significant and focused traffic.

If your company is interested in being part of the EAI Company Showcase, send a note to promos@eai.in

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