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Q3 from C3 is a platform where we collect feedback and insights from Chennai folks from diverse backgrounds on climate change and more specifically, climate action.

In this post, we provide the insights from Raghavendra Babu, a research scholar working in the field of energy storage devices.

Chennai Climate Consortium (C3) thanks Raghavendra for his valuable inputs.

Like elsewhere, Chennaites are bombarded with information on threats from climate change, but they are told very little about what they can do. How can a strong awareness be created about climate action so that the average Chennaite gets involved?

I think we must impart everyone with well-defined objectives and consequences of the climate change threat. Additionally, the media’s responsibility is vital and they should take concern to explain the climate change problem in lucid form. It is a collective responsibility agenda where we have to work in unison to solve this issue. Climate change and how it can be tackled should be promoted to the masses, just like the promotion of songs and new releasing films. This type of strategy is really works. Climate change and its threat should be disclosed in the nook and corner of public places especially public transport, in buses, trains and metro trains. Recently, my wife had volunteered in the “Walk for the Plastic” initiative in Chennai, where several multinational companies supported to collect the single use plastics accumulated on road sides where participants walked to procure the plastics and settled it to the conservancy shop for money. This money will be used to educate underprivileged students. This kind of initiative has to be supported by the government with awards and recognition. Likewise, we also should take steps to educate and conduct several programs about the climate change threat.

What are your recommendations for Chennai to become a role model for climate action for cities worldwide?

In my knowledge, we have been role model in several verticals like education, organisation, coordination, research etc. But as far as my concern, I will choose to implement changes in the mobility industry by increasing the usage of electric vehicles. Pollution is a major area contributing to climate change. If we go and simply try to conjure the people to buy Electric Vehicle for a better future, it will not be feasible. But it is possible when we take certain measures. Some of the recommendations from my side would be:

  • Positive aspects of the Electric vehicles have to be propagated by the government (without any bias to a particular company)
  • Bottlenecks such as charging infrastructure, battery’s thermal runaway should be improved in last mile connectivity.
  • The cost of the Electric Vehicles is a major impediment to reach the middle-class people and so, manufacturers come up with cost-efficient vehicles without compromising quality
  • Implementation of Electric vehicles should be incorporated in public transport sectors.

Personally, what types of climate action or sustainability projects would you like to be involved in?

Personally, I would like to involved in sustainability projects to help achieve the objectives in the Goal 8 (Affordable and Clean Energy). Currently, I am a research scholar working in the field of energy storage devices, especially supercapacitors. I am trying to fabricate sustainable supercapacitors by replacing the waste materials as an electrode to follow the circular economy, instead of linear economy. Electrode based materials produced in such way, will have a huge impact on the manufacturing side. Therefore, I would to work on Energy storage devices such as supercapacitors and batteries.

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Narsi works closely with senior and top management corporates and helps then devise strategy and go-to-market plans to benefit from the fast growing Indian Climate tech market.

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