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Q3 from C3 is a platform where we collect feedback and insights from Chennai folks from diverse backgrounds on climate change and more specifically, climate action.

In this post, we provide the insights from Srikaanth Sarangapani, Director of Sunwind Eco Technologies Private Limited, a company that focuses on providing renewable energy solution to clients.

Chennai Climate Consortium (C3) thanks Srikaanth for his valuable inputs.

Like elsewhere, Chennaites are bombarded with information on threats from climate change, but they are told very little about what they can do. How can a strong awareness be created about climate action so that the average Chennaite gets involved?

Awareness can be created through various methods such as Newspaper advertisements, awareness at educational institutions such as schools and colleges, places of work, malls, airports, bus stands, subway stations as well as metros. This can be done through posters and pamphlets.

What are your recommendations for Chennai to become a role model for climate action for cities worldwide?

Solar deployment is to be made a mass movement. Water conservation, rain water harvesting, avoidance of plastic (Ban non-recyclable plastics), following circular economy at all levels, encouraging people to use public transport as much as possible etc. should be implemented. Families should be allowed to use only one car in the house to ply on roads at any point of time. Further, targets should be allotted to slowly ban the use of diesel vehicles.

Personally, what types of climate action or sustainability projects would you like to be involved in?

I would prefer to work on projects dealing with Climate Tech.

About Narasimhan Santhanam (Narsi)

Narsi, a Director at EAI, Co-founded one of India's first climate tech consulting firm in 2008.

Since then, he has assisted over 250 Indian and International firms, across many climate tech domain Solar, Bio-energy, Green hydrogen, E-Mobility, Green Chemicals.

Narsi works closely with senior and top management corporates and helps then devise strategy and go-to-market plans to benefit from the fast growing Indian Climate tech market.

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