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CLIMAX – maximizing value from climate innovations

Happy to launch CLIMAX, an online platform that aims to accelerate innovations for climate change mitigation.

Innovations will drive climate efforts for the next few decades, and we wish to play a small but valuable role in the global climate innovation ecosystem.

CLIMAX takes a focussed approach. It is anchored around high-potential decarbonization avenues (DA) and has a template wrapped around each that comprises drivers for innovation. The goal is to get all key innovation stakeholders for the DA at one place and use the template to get things done. If all these sound abstract, why don’t you drop in at CLIMAX to see something more specific!

CLIMAX is in beta, to use a software lingo. We are in the process of fine tuning the platform based on user inputs – all the more reason why you should visit us and let me know your suggestions.

I invite all those interested in contributing their bit to climate change mitigation to CLIMAX. Your inputs will be of tremendous value to us as we build out the platform.


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