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Does our breathing contribute to climate change?

A human adult breathes out 1 Kg of CO2 a day, so that would be about 7 million tons of CO2 for the entire world population, and 2.6 billion tons per year (with adjustments made for babies and very old people).

2.6 billions is about 7.5% of total CO2 emissions. A lot.

But does our CO2 contribute to climate change?

Interestingly, no.

You see, the carbon you let out through your breath was carbon that was originally captured from the air by plants and turned into food, which in turn was transformed by your body and let out. So, what you let out was what was originally sucked out of the atmosphere, so net-net, there is no increase in the CO2 levels in the atmosphere because of human or animal breathing.

Relax. Breathe easy.

(BTW, the global steel industry alone emits as much CO2 as the total human population – 2.6 billion tons per year)

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