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Don’t touch the permafrost


Permafrost is a thick layer of soil that is present mainly in polar regions. It is a subsurface (below the earth’s surface) layer that remains below freezing point throughout the year.

Now, why on earth should someone worry about it? Only to the extent we recognize it for its worth and ensure do not bother it in any way.

You see, the total atmospheric CO2 is about 850 billion tons. We emit about 35 billion tons of additional CO2 every year, and this annual addition alone is expected to make things go haywire in future.

Permafrost alone contains about 1500 billion tons of carbon sequestered in it, captured over tbousands of years. That would be about twice the amount of CO2 in all our atmosphere. Now imagine if the permafrost were to melt (which it has begun to in a small way) and start releasing the CO2 into the atmosphere…

Let sleeping dogs lie – wouldn’t you agree?

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