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Earth friendly football – Alliance FC Dubai

The Alliance Football Club, Dubai incorporates sustainability in its players.

Sustainability and sports. If that doesn’t sound like a combination that you hear often, you are correct – sports has not bothered much about sustainability so far.

While a few stadiums around the world have solar panels on them, and a few more had initiated sustainable waste management practices, these were still wrap-arounds.

At Alliance Football Club, Dubai its founder has taken efforts to incorporate sustainable habits in all his players. Most of what he does might be par for the course for sustainability professionals, but remember, he is running a football club, not a corporate sustainability department. Its founder Mehran Rowshan feels football is a powerful way to educate people about the environment – and one cannot but agree.

What Alliance and clubs like them may be small steps at this stage, but steps that can have a big impact in future.

Imagine a future Lionel Messi announcing that he has turned Vegan. You can be sure that meat sales across the world will fall dramatically the very next day.

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