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Good Food for Schools – pilot started at RMK School, Chennai

The Chennai Climate Consortium along with Akshayakalpa Organic launched the first pilot of its efforts to provide sustained, hands on education to school children on soil, farming and food.

Called Good Food for Schools, it aims at getting school children appreciate and learn about nature, environment and soil in a way that is engaging and relatable. We try doing this by taking a small group of children through a series of ten sessions spread over three months (each session about 2 hours) at the end of which the school will have a lovely vegetable fruit garden, something that the children have designed and built, and something that we hope children over the many next years will continue to build.

The produce from the farm of course can be consumed right in the school.

This is a small pilot, but I’m excited. While it is done as part of Chennai Climate Consortium, it has significant implications for CliDemy – the Climate Academy, where schools form a critical segment of our efforts to provide climate education to a billion people worldwide by 2030.

We plan to do a pilot in one more school in Chennai this year, expected to start next week, and the idea is to take this forward to more schools based on the learnings from the pilot.

I will provide updates of what we learn from this thoroughly motivating exercise.

Thank you Akshayakalpa Organic & RMK School, Thiruverkadu, Chennai for getting this pilot off the ground – it has been a few months in the making.

Also thank our enthu intern Pragadeesh R for anchoring this effort past two months and helping us get it off the ground.

Chandan Raghothama | Kern Agrawal | Vachana Shetty | Shashi Kumar | Pragadeesh R

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