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Plasma based CO2 conversion process, through low temperature plasma

Plasma, the “fourth state of matter,” is an ionized gas comprising electrons, ions, radicals, excited atoms, and molecules. It presents a highly reactive environment, lending itself to different applications.

In the context of CO2 conversion too, there is increasing interest in plasma technology because it can operate at mild conditions such as low temperatures, compared to high temperatures and consequent high energy inputs that are needed for typical catalyst reactions.

Plasma could also be a relatively low cost technology in comparison with photo- and electro-catalytic routes that require more sophisticated and costly equipment.

All these sounds exciting.

But plasma technology is perhaps not yet there. The complexity of the phenomena in plasma science, which increases even more when coupled with a solid catalyst, require much better understanding and trials to achieve high energy efficiency, and productivity.

On a technology readiness level, plasma might score pretty low right now, but is an exciting topic for researchers keen on cutting edge CO2 to value efforts.

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