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T3 from Clidemy

Teach the Teacher (T3) for Climate – a unique assistance from Clidemy to school teachers worldwide

The world of tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow need to be populated and driven by people who are educated differently about environment and climate.

But worldwide, school teachers are woefully untrained to teach effectively about climate and sustainability – you can ask me because I have interacted with over a few dozen schools worldwide in this context in the past few years.

This has motivated us to start a special division under Clidemy – the Climate Academy only to provide guidance, content and resources to teachers on climate, sustainability and environment. At no cost.

Our focus will be on grades 3-8 (secondary education)

If you are a school teacher or administrator anywhere in the world, keen to start providing effective climate education to your students, send us a note to ask@clidemy.com and we will connect with you soon.

See my LinkedIn post on this topic.

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