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 Can massive kelp forests in oceans fight climate change?

While the rest of the world is trying to come up with ways to sequester CO2 through direct and indirect means, the folks at Kelp Blue had an out of the blue idea – why not get algae & oceans to help us?

This thought, when translated into action, has resulted in an exciting Dutch startup trying to grow massive forests of kelp in the ocean that gobble up large packets of CO2 and when done, are partly used to produce valuable products while the rest act as food for the inhabitants or calmly sink to the bottom, taking the CO2 with them to be sequestered for a long long time under the ocean. That, at least, is the idea.

You think it is a long shot? So think we – though an exciting long shot – but we need to try all shots in this do or die game, don’t we?

If you happen to be coasting along in the oceans near

Namibia and observe someone seeding out spores between buoys, ten to one you are looking at a Kelp Bluer.

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