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Climate Academy @ Clixoo – Education for climate action

On this auspicious day, when a new year begins for many folks around the world and for us over here in Tamil Nadu, happy to launch a venture within Clixoo that will focus on education & skilling for climate action, with the initial focus on India.

As the world undergoes a massive transformation to a low carbon economy, one common factor that will drive the transformation in almost every segment is the extent to which knowledge and skills are available. Surprisingly, the field of climate education & skilling is quite unorganized, ad hoc and not fully aligned to what is needed to support the change.

The Climate Academy hopes to fill this gap. We will be starting our first course in about a month, but that’s just the start. I’m keen to talk to as many of you as possible and understand your needs.

You can get to know more about the Climate Academy from here –

See my LinkedIn post on this topic

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