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Four Levels of Human Fortunates

As I lie in bed, battling a bacterial infection, my feverish brain comes up with this profound concept – let’s call it four levels of human fortunates – and to hell with correctness of English, it doesn’t apply to profundities

CATEGORY A – MOST FORTUNATES – Folks who realise reasonably early in that their life should have a real meaning and purpose ( beyond trivial tangibles) and succeed in making a big difference. People like Gandhi, Buddha, even Bill Gates ( in his second avatar, post Microsoft) belong here. Perhaps one in a million.

CATEGORY B – QUITE FORTUNATES – Basically Category A folks but who either achieved only moderate success or even failed in their efforts to make a difference, but TRIED. Lots of unheard of folks populate this category, but still very small as a percentage of total population

CATEGORY C – FORTUNATES – This is the vast majority, the hoi polloi who couldn’t ever imagine a life beyond money, power and sex, and who even on their deathbed were possibly regretting why they did not buy the latest car model the Johnny next door bought. I still call them FORTUNATE, because while they missed the entire point of life, they never knew what they missed – ignorance is bliss

Surely there got to be a category UNFORTUNATES?

The Category D UNFORTUNATES represents the poor sods who belong to CATEGORY C for a very long time and realize too late that CATEGORY A/B exists. They lead a miserable last few years.

Just make sure you don’t belong to CATEGORY D

And if some guru had already enunciated this profound concept, I can promise I did not snitch it from them – jeez, I’m lying in bed battling a bacterial infection, didn’t I mention right at the start?

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