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Global Research Fellow in the application of AI in Decarbonization & Energy

At the Energy Consortium – IIT Madras .

The intersection of digital and decarbonization is perhaps one of the most impactful and exciting movements happening worldwide. In fact, based on our analyses at EAI, we feel that, of all drivers, digital has the highest potential to deliver significant short term results for global decarbonization (an IEA study even courageously estimated digital’s decarbonization potential at 17% by 2030, so that would be about 9 billion tons of CO2 equivalent annually…whew, quite staggering!)

And within digital, AI really seems to be the torch bearer for decarbonization efforts. The extent of AI/ML/Big Data/Digital twins efforts I’m seeing globally for decarbonization is just truly amazing.

Closer home, IIT Madras is doing some exciting work in the intersection of AI & decarbonization. And for those folks who wish to join the bright researchers at this wonderful institute working in this high impact domain, here’s an opportunity to work as a Global Research Fellow.

Project: AI programs that will employ NLP approaches to unearth decarbonization solutions from the literature The AI bot will attempt to mimic what a large collection of researchers will do but in an unbiased and exhaustive fashion

IITM Energy Consortium is looking for Ph.Ds from reputed universities, with a publication record. Areas of research aligned with applications of AI, preferably in the field of energy.

This is an international offering, so international prospects can apply too.

More details and link to application here – .

Applications will need to be submitted to IITM.

This is being anchored by the Energy Consortium – IIT Madras, an ambitious, multi-stakeholder effort by IITM to be a critical contributor for India’s Net Zero goals. (More about the consortium from – )

Request you to spread the word to those who could qualify – through comments, shares…thanks!

Do buzz me should you feel I can assist in some way.

See my LinkedIn post on this topic

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