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Regardless of which side we take in the Russo-Ukraine war

there’s one thing we all have to agree on, and that’s Russia’s bargaining power owing to its natural gas resources, and by extension, how much the world has tied itself into knots over the past hundred years by relying on specific types of fuels, each of which comes with troubling legacies.

Here’s an International Energy Agency (IEA) 10-point recommendation on how the EU can wean itself from Russian gas. Except for two of those recommendations, none of them is easy or can provide quick results –

The question is not whether these recommendations are good (they are, and I especially like the recos on heat pumps and building energy efficiency), it is more whether the EU countries (and the UK, though it does not depend on Russian gas) have the vision to use this period of extreme uncertainty to bite the bullets on renewables and sustainable energy they had been hesitating to bite for a while.

Fatih Birol

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