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Schools @ Climate Academy – Climate education assistance for school teachers

Happy to launch a new division that will help school teachers worldwide (Grade IV to higher secondary) impart effective and impactful climate education.

Today’s school children will be at the forefront of climate action ten years from now. As they should be – a recent study ( found today’s children could face up to seven times more climate disasters than those born in 1960.

But a vast majority of school students worldwide get little of no education about climate change, and this is true even for developed economies (US, Canada, EU, Japan, Australia…). Many school teachers and administrators have openly admitted that children are being failed by their schools when it comes to acquiring skills for climate action.

Schools @ Climate Academy, using the deep knowledge that the Clixoo team has gained in decarbonization avenues ( ), aims to provide assistance to school teachers & administrators worldwide in imparting high-impact climate education & skills to children.

It’s a huge task, but something we’re sure will be hugely satisfying.

We are just starting, and it is hence a great time to connect with as many teachers (and school admin & parents) as possible while we take it forward.

You can get to know more about Schools @ Climate Academy from here –

I look forward to talking to you soon.

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