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Durable bioplastics are not biodegradable

Now, here is a bit of irony.

About 3 million tons of bioplastics are produced worldwide, which in itself is not a lot – only about 1% of the total plastics production.

More interestingly, a large percentage of the bioplastics produced is actually durable bioplastics – prominent examples of these are nylon or polyurethane made from renewable sources.

While that might sound great, these durable bioplastics will have pretty much the same properties as the durable plastics – and that includes the fact that they are not biodegradable.

You might ask what then is the fun in making these. There could be two reasons. One, these are made from bio-sources, so they carry a smaller carbon footprint. Two, durable plastics are not such a big challenge on the degradation front as are use and throw plastics.

 But if recycling of durable bioplastics is not speeded up, they could still end up in landfills and rot there for ever, just like their petro cousins

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