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Will there be 1000 climate tech unicorns in future?

When Larry Fink of BlackRock said some months back that the next 1000 unicorns will not be search engines or ecommerce firms but they will be from climate tech, the world was quite surprised.

And so were guys like me in this profession – while I could see that climate tech was no longer the unwanted child in the startup family, I was not sure if climate tech startups could grow that big.

So I did a bit of analysis for the question – could there be 1000 climate tech unicorns in future?

Here’s my analysis and inference – https://lnkd.in/d48QrRFs .

Summary: Yes, it is quite possible to have such a huge number owing to a confluence of a number of powerful drivers:

=> Growing renewable energy markets

=> Falling costs of both renewable energy & storage

=> Enabling policies across the world

=> Business leaders REALLY becoming serious about decarbonization

=> Digital solutions beginning to provide quick and effective results

=> Low carbon becoming mainstream across many large end user markets (beyond energy and into food, clothing, buildings…), and

=> Increasing frequency of natural disasters across the world (and tellingly, in financial capitals such as London and New York).

This is part of a series called Ask Narsi ( https://lnkd.in/d6A65v-7 ), where I try to answer some questions asked to me my folks.

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