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Ammonia Shipping Safety Concerns – by IRENA

Here’s an article posted in Recharge News about the predictions of IRENA about the future of Hydrogen. 

According to the article,

  • IRENA predicts that a quarter of the world’s hydrogen will be traded internationally by 2050, with 45% of that being shipped as ammonia.
  • Ammonia is projected to play a significant role in international hydrogen trade by 2050, with 45% of hydrogen shipped as ammonia, amounting to approximately 69 million tonnes of hydrogen.
  • The demand for ammonia is expected to increase fourfold by mid-century, reaching 688 million tonnes, with 197 million tonnes used as shipping fuel and 127 million tonnes as a hydrogen carrier.
  • Ammonia is favored for its higher energy density compared to compressed or liquefied hydrogen and its ease of storage at room temperature or under low pressure.
  • Safety concerns arise due to the potential for serious incidents at sea as more vessels transport ammonia, with existing maritime safety records showing a rise in shipping casualties.
  • Ammonia is highly caustic and can cause severe health effects even at low concentrations, posing risks to both humans and marine life.
  • Spills of ammonia at sea can lead to toxic mist formation, posing challenges for containment and evacuation, especially in remote areas.
  • Ammonia spills can have devastating effects on marine ecosystems, potentially sterilizing cubic miles of ocean and causing fish kills, particularly in ports and estuaries.
  • While there have been relatively few ammonia incidents at sea to date, the expected expansion in ammonia transport raises concerns about regulatory oversight and human error.
  • The Clean Marine Methanol Institute acknowledges the dangers but believes that with proper precautions, ammonia can be shipped safely.

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