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 Poll: How long have humans been around on earth?

As our LinkedIn community of 30 divided into this question, the answers spanned from millennia to epochs, a testament to the enigmatic story of human existence.

Poll results:

25,000 years 17%
150,000 years 10%
200,000 years 33%
575,000 years 40%

With 40% voting for a whopping 575,000 years, it’s clear we’re seen as veterans of Earth. But let’s add a sprinkle of cosmic humor to this.
My choice : 200,000 years

The 24-hour Earth Clock and a Divine Chuckle..

Imagine Earth’s history compressed into 24 hours. In this cosmic timeline, humans have been around for just the last few seconds before midnight. Now, picture this: a celestial gathering somewhere in the universe, where deities or super beings, as you may call them, are having a light-hearted banter.

One of them, with a twinkle in their eye, jests, “Ah, humans! They popped in at 23:59:58, stirred up a bit of this and that, and whoosh, they were gone in a few seconds!” Another chimes in, “Yes, they certainly didn’t waste any time, did they? A blink, and they’ve changed the face of their planet!”

My Reflection?

It’s a whimsical thought, but it underscores a profound truth.In the blink of an eye, geologically speaking, humans have made an indelible mark on Earth, especially since the dawn of the industrial revolution around 1830. Our ambition and energy consumption, driven by mostly non-renewable sources, have led to a significant rise in greenhouse gases and a shift in global temperatures. This deviation from the relative stability of pre-industrial climate is a testament to our impact.In our relatively brief stay on Earth, we’ve made monumental changes, for better or worse. It’s a reminder of the fleeting nature of our existence and the lasting impact of our actions.

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In a Nutshell..

This poll and the subsequent reflection isn’t just about pinning down a number. It’s a reminder of our transitory yet influential role in Earth’s vast narrative. As we consider our place in this grand timeline, let’s strive for a legacy that, when looked back upon, brings a nod of approval from any cosmic onlooker, rather than just a fleeting chuckle. Let’s make our ‘few seconds’ count, crafting a story of harmony and stewardship that resonates across time and space.

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