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Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft: The Future of Clean Energy in Aerospace?

Here’s a post from WHA International that speaks the following:

  • Engineers have used hydrogen in rocket fuel and hydrogen fuel cells since the early years of space exploration.
  • Hydrogen has a higher specific impulse, burns cleaner, and has quick refueling potential, making it an attractive clean energy option for new aerospace application.
  • Challenges to using hydrogen in aerospace include unique safety considerations, large-scale infrastructure changes, and public perception due to historical incidents

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  1. Applications Of Hydrogen Fuel In Aviation Industry:
    • Highlights the potential of green hydrogen in reducing aviation’s carbon footprint, emphasizing its high specific impulse and energy density. Airbus views it as central to aviation decarbonization by 2035.
  2. Carbon Free Hydrogen Powered Airplanes: Universal Hydrogen and Japanese Companies Team Up:
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    • Examines the aviation industry’s efforts to decarbonize through sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen, highlighting challenges in storage and infrastructure for hydrogen’s use in short flights and drones.



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