Flowserve, Hydrogen Optimized Team Up; MoU Signed
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Partnership aims to advance market-ready large-scale green hydrogen production technology; move to help optimization and commercialization

Here’s an article posted in Hydrogen Central

According to the article,

  • Flowserve and Hydrogen Optimized announce partnership to advance market-ready large-scale green hydrogen production technology
  • Flowserve will provide engineering support to optimize the efficiency of the back end of its hydrogen production.
  • Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell™ system will be used with Flowserve’s ring compressor.

The key benefits of using Flowserve’s SIHI Liquid Ring Compressor with Hydrogen Optimised’s RuggedCell system include:

  1. Efficiency: The integration of the two technologies is expected to create an exceptional product that meets the rapidly emerging demand for large-scale green hydrogen systems, with the SIHI Liquid Ring Compressor providing market-leading isothermal efficiency.
  2. Reliability: The SIHI Liquid Ring Compressor is designed to operate under severe conditions, ensuring reliability and safety in the production of green hydrogen.
  3. Flexibility: The compressor can be used in various applications where gas must be compressed carefully to an over-pressure up to 10 barg (145 psig) with a suction capacity up to 2,050 m³/h (1,206 cfm).
  4. Decarbonization Support: The partnership aims to accelerate the commercialization of the RuggedCell system and provide Flowserve with critical performance data on its products to meet the needs of future decarbonisation efforts.
  5. Process Contamination Prevention: The SIHI Liquid Ring Compressor can operate in special applications where process contamination is prohibitive, ensuring the purity of the hydrogen produced.
  6. Low Vibration and Noise: The compressor design features low vibration due to between bearing design and an average sound pressure level in 1 m distance of ≤ 84 dB (A), making it suitable for use in industrial settings.

These benefits highlight the potential of the partnership to create a highly efficient and reliable system for large-scale green hydrogen production.

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