The Clean Hydrogen Opportunity for Hydrocarbon-Rich Countries
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  • Hydrocarbon-rich countries; in position to become pioneers in clean hydrogen due to favorable positioning and extensive domain knowledge.

    An article from EnergyNews highlights the following:

    • Hydrogen has the potential to reduce global emissions by more than 20% by 2050.
    • Hydrocarbon-rich countries are well-positioned to become pioneers in clean hydrogen due to their favorable positioning and extensive domain knowledge.
    • To take advantage of this opportunity, all concerned parties must work together to create clean-hydrogen value chains, often spanning many regions.
    • Stimulating local demand is crucial to creating the foundations of a hydrogen ecosystem.

    How will HRCs play a role in scaling up clean hydrogen in order to position themselves among the top players in ?

    To scale up clean hydrogen, HRCs need to focus on both blue and green hydrogen production. Blue hydrogen will play a key role in the short to medium term, while green hydrogen costs are expected to decline by approximately 50% by 2030 due to falling electrolyser costs.

    HRCs can play several key roles in the clean hydrogen value chain for this:

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    1. Hydrogen Equipment Manufacturing: Creating a leading hydrogen equipment manufacturer can ensure access to vital electrolyzer or carbon capture equipment in case of possible supply chain limitations.
    2. Hydrogen Production: Chemical firms, especially those heavily involved in industrial gases, possess the necessary capabilities and assets to currently generate clean hydrogen.
    3. Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS): CCUS is critical for blue hydrogen production and offers opportunities to decarbonize operations across companies’ portfolios.
    4. Hydrogen Transportation: Repurposing current gas pipeline infrastructure or building new hydrogen networks can enhance transportation, while collaborations with shipbuilders can aid in the creation of hydrogen carriers.
    5. Clean-Hydrogen Downstream Production: HRCs with developed downstream industry or access to cheap hydrogen can become suppliers of clean end products, such as green ammonia.
    6. Integrated Project Developers: NOCs can leverage their strong cross-value-chain positions to derisk project and downstream industries, as well as their G2G relations to help secure demand.

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