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Net Zero by Narsi is a series of brief posts by Narasimhan Santhanam (Narsi), on decarbonization and climate solutions.
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The conversation revolved around the immense potential for energy efficiency solutions, especially in the realms of cooling and heating technologies, within the Indian context. Several climate tech experts participated, sharing insights and perspectives on various aspects of the topic.

Narasimhan Santhanam, Director, EAI was the moderator for the panel discussion.

The panel participants were:

Madhusudhan Rapole – Oorja Energy Engineering

Jayesh JainThermelgy

K P AshwinPromethean Energy

G S Sounadara Rajan – SK Alldelite

Here are the highlights and takeaways.

Potential for Energy Efficiency: 

Experts discussed the vast scope for improving energy efficiency, citing numbers such as gigawatts of energy consumption and terawatt hours of energy use. They emphasized the substantial energy savings achievable through technologies like heat pumps and radiant heating.

Challenges in Implementation: 

Despite the potential benefits, several challenges were identified. These included a lack of awareness among decision-makers about energy-efficient solutions, policy constraints, and the slow pace of decision-making in adopting new technologies.

Need for Awareness and Policy Support: 

Participants underscored the importance of raising awareness about energy-efficient technologies among key stakeholders, including policymakers, consultants, and end-users. They stressed the necessity of supportive policies and incentives to drive the adoption of these solutions.

Collaborative Efforts: 

There was consensus on the need for collaboration across sectors to address the challenges and promote energy efficiency effectively. This collaboration involves engaging with policymakers, industry players, consultants, and other stakeholders to create a conducive environment for the adoption of energy-efficient technologies.

Optimism for Future Discussions: 

Despite the challenges, there was optimism about the potential impact of advancing energy efficiency efforts. The conversation concluded with plans for future discussions to delve deeper into the identified challenges and explore actionable pathways for progress.

Overall, the conversation highlighted the significant opportunities and challenges in advancing energy efficiency in India and underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and supportive policies in driving meaningful change.

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Latest from Net Zero by Narsi

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