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In the wake of global climate challenges, India stands at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. Amidst this landscape, the AGNIi initiative emerges as a source of hope, striving to catalyze impactful solutions through technological innovation. At the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023, AGNIi revealed its mission, strategies, and offerings aimed at fostering a resilient climate innovation ecosystem. 

The Participants were:

Shubham Tomar – AGNIi

Garima Raj – AGNIi

Vishad Vivek Singh – AGNIi

Introduction to AGNIi

AGNIi, short for Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations, operates as one of the nine missions under the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. Established in September 2018, AGNIi initially focused on technology commercialization. However, its mandate has since evolved to support the government in addressing critical national priorities, prominently including climate change.

Mission and Objectives

AGNIi’s mission aligns with the broader goals of the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, Innovation, and Advisory Council (PMSTIAC). By leveraging emerging technologies within India’s innovation ecosystem, AGNIi aims to tackle a spectrum of challenges spanning climate change, public security, human development, and emerging frontiers.

Approach and Workflow

At the heart of AGNIi’s approach lies a meticulous workflow designed to identify, evaluate, and deploy innovative solutions effectively. The process begins with the surfacing of pain points and priorities from diverse government stakeholders. Through field visits, focus group discussions, and interviews, AGNIi gains firsthand insights into the pressing issues faced by communities.

These insights are then translated into functional requirements and technology stacks, ensuring a systematic alignment between challenges and potential solutions. AGNIi conducts extensive stakeholder consultations, engaging with experts and key decision-makers to refine and validate the proposed strategies.

The culmination of this process occurs during field technology showcases, where AGNIi demonstrates cutting-edge solutions directly to end-users and government officials. By facilitating real-world interactions and evaluations, AGNIi bridges the gap between innovation and implementation, paving the way for scalable and sustainable interventions.

Case Study: Climate Adaptive Agriculture

A prime example of AGNIi’s impact can be observed in its collaboration with the government of Uttarakhand on climate adaptive agriculture. Through rigorous field research and stakeholder engagement, AGNIi identified key pain points related to climate change-induced challenges in the Indian Himalayan region.

Drawing upon these insights, AGNIi developed a comprehensive technology stack tailored to address the specific needs of farmers and policymakers. By partnering with local startups and leveraging indigenous innovations, AGNIi facilitated the deployment of scalable solutions for climate-resilient agriculture.

The success of this initiative underscores AGNIi’s commitment to driving significant outcomes through innovation and collaboration. By empowering local ecosystems and fostering a culture of innovation, AGNIi continues to lead the charge towards a more sustainable and resilient future for India.

As the world faces the complexities of climate change, initiatives like AGNIi serve as catalysts for change, driving innovation and impact at scale. By harnessing the collective potential of technology, collaboration, and strategic foresight, AGNIi embodies India’s steadfast commitment to addressing pressing challenges and building a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.

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