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The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s largest climate startup summit, organized by EAI & Energy Consortium – IIT Madras. Elangkathir Raja of EETA6, shares his thoughts on Water Sustainability at CLIMAFIX Summit 2022, Nov 22, 2022, at the IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.

The session was moderated by Ashita Gupta, Merak Ventures

Other panel participants were:

Abhishek Gorle – EcoOrbit (Watch their presentation – here)

Kern Agarwal – Carbon Loops (Watch their presentation – here)

Santosh Kumar – Li-Circle  (Watch their presentation – here)

In the heart of India, where waste management poses a growing crisis, a source of hope shines bright. Meet Elangkathir, the founder of EETA6, a startup revolutionizing waste management in Madurai and beyond. With a mission to transform biodegradable waste into valuable resources, Elangkathir and his team are pioneering a solution that not only addresses environmental concerns but also creates economic opportunities.

Understanding the Crisis:

India produces a staggering 1.5 lakh metric tons of waste daily, with over 50% of it being biodegradable. Traditional waste management practices fall short, leaving much of this waste untapped and contributing to environmental degradation. Inefficient processes and resource-intensive methods exacerbate the problem, calling for innovative solutions.

The EETA6 Solution:

EETA6’s approach centers around the use of black soldier fly larvae, a natural marvel capable of rapidly converting biodegradable waste into valuable products. Unlike traditional composting methods that can take up to 45 days, EETA6’s process achieves the same results in just 15 days, making it three times faster and significantly more efficient.

Product Innovation:

Through their innovative process, EETA6 produces two marketable products: peel and compost. Peel, derived from the larvae, serves as a protein-rich ingredient for industries such as food processing and animal feed. Meanwhile, the compost provides a nutrient-rich soil amendment, closing the loop on waste management and agricultural sustainability.

Sustainable Business Model:

EETA6 operates on an asset-light business model, forging partnerships with municipalities and corporations to leverage existing infrastructure for waste management. By alleviating the burden of labor-intensive and unprofitable waste management practices, EETA6 creates value for its partners while addressing critical environmental challenges.

Impact and Recognition:

Beyond profitability, EETA6 is driven by its commitment to social and environmental impact. Partnering with self-help groups, the startup empowers women to participate in waste processing, fostering economic opportunities and community resilience. Recognized by government bodies and awarded grants, EETA6’s efforts are garnering attention and support on a regional scale.

Looking Ahead:

As EETA6 continues to scale its operations, the startup seeks to collaborate with research institutions like IIT to further refine its technology and explore new applications. Feedback from stakeholders is welcomed, as Elangkathir and his team remain dedicated to driving positive change in waste management practices.

EETA6’s journey exemplifies the power of innovation in addressing complex environmental challenges. By harnessing nature’s solutions and forging strategic partnerships, Elangkathir and his team are paving the way towards a more sustainable future for waste management in India and beyond. 

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