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The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s largest climate startup summit, organized by EAI & Energy Consortium – IIT Madras. Kaushik Bose & Mahendra Sengar Green Tiger Mobility shares his thoughts on Low Carbon Mobility at CLIMAFIX Summit 2022, Nov 25 & 26, 2022, at the IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.

Vishesh Rajaram, Speciale Invest moderated the session (Watch their presentation – here)

Other panel participants were:

Rohit Grover – Aerostrovilos Energy (Watch their presentation – here)

Dhairiyasheel Deshmukh – Dbyt Dynamics Mobility Solutions (Watch their presentation – here)

Girish Nagpal – Metroride India  (Watch their presentation – here)

Ajesh Saklecha & Deepak Mohan of Ozone Motors (Watch their presentation – here)

In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront of global discussions, innovation in the automotive industry is essential for sustainable progress. One such groundbreaking innovation comes from the fusion of traditional petrol vehicles with modern electric powertrains, offering a solution that is both eco-friendly and economically viable.

Introducing the Hybrid Powertrain Solution

The solution is elegantly simple: augment existing petrol vehicles with an electric powertrain. This integration transforms conventional vehicles into hybrids, granting them the capability to operate on electric power alone for a significant portion of their journeys. With a range of approximately 60 kilometers on a single electric charge, these vehicles offer an environmentally friendly alternative for urban commuting and short trips.

Charging the electric battery is hassle-free, requiring only a 5 amp charge at home or any standard charging outlet. Within four hours, the battery is fully charged and ready for use, providing the convenience and flexibility demanded by modern lifestyles. Despite running on electric power, these hybrid vehicles maintain a respectable top speed of 60 mph, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Seamlessly Integrated Technology

The hybrid system seamlessly integrates into existing vehicles, with a user-friendly switch allowing drivers to effortlessly transition between petrol and electric modes. Moreover, an accompanying IoT (Internet of Things) application provides real-time monitoring of fuel and battery levels, empowering users with valuable insights into their vehicle’s performance.

This innovative solution is not only environmentally conscious but also prioritizes safety and longevity. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, known for its durability and stability, ensures a reliable power source for years to come. With a lifespan of approximately five years, the battery offers sustained performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Innovation and Expertise

Behind this revolutionary hybrid solution lies a team of experts dedicated to automotive excellence. With decades of combined experience in the industry, they have meticulously designed and engineered the electric powertrain in-house. Certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and backed by multiple patents, their innovation represents a significant leap forward in clean energy technology.

Market Validation and Future Prospects

Market validation confirms the strong interest in hybrid mobility solutions, particularly among delivery riders and urban commuters. Surveys indicate a substantial percentage of respondents expressing interest in adopting hybrid vehicles, highlighting the growing demand for sustainable transportation options.

Securing Funding for Growth

The journey towards sustainable mobility is not without its challenges, but with determination and support, progress is inevitable. Securing initial funding of 2.96 CR, including grants and commitments, marks a significant milestone for the project. With additional funding sought for expansion and development, the future looks promising for this pioneering venture.

By repurposing existing vehicles and embracing clean energy technology, we can reduce emissions, mitigate environmental impact, and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow. With dedication, innovation, and collaboration, we can revolutionize mobility and drive towards a cleaner, brighter future for all.

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