Can Technology Solve Our Water Crisis? Key Takeaways from CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 - India Renewable Energy Consulting – Solar, Biomass, Wind, Cleantech
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Water sustainability has emerged as a pressing global concern, prompting industries to seek innovative solutions to conserve, manage, and recycle this precious resource. In the CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 panel discussion, distinguished leaders from the water technology sector shared their expertise, shedding light on the transformative potential of their respective companies.

From Indra Water’s groundbreaking electrically-driven wastewater treatment systems to WeGot’s smart IoT water management solutions, these companies are spearheading a paradigm shift in water management practices. Uravu Labs brings to the table innovative atmospheric water generation technologies, while FluxGen Technologies focuses on data-driven approaches to monitor and optimize water usage.

ECOSTP Technologies champions decentralized sewage treatment systems inspired by nature, while pioneers mobile water treatment units for on-the-ground solutions. Anicut Capital rounds off the discussion with insights into venture capital’s role in driving innovation and scalability in the water technology sector.

In this blog, we delve into the rich array of insights shared by these industry pioneers, exploring their unique approaches, technological advancements, and vision for a more sustainable water future.

Amrit Om NayakIndra Water:

Company Overview: Indra Water is at the forefront of the water treatment industry, specializing in the development of electrically driven systems tailored to address the nuanced challenges associated with wastewater treatment. Their innovative approach focuses on enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of water treatment processes.

Insights Shared: Amrit Om Nayak delved into the intricate dynamics of water management, shedding light on Indra Water’s pioneering technologies. He articulated the pivotal role of demonstrating unit economics in fostering transformative shifts in water consumption patterns. By elucidating how Indra Water’s solutions enable industries to optimize resource utilization and mitigate risks stemming from water scarcity, Amrit underscored the imperative of embracing sustainable practices in water management.

Vijay KrishnaWeGot:

Company Overview: WeGot stands as a beacon of innovation in IoT-driven water management solutions, empowering buildings with real-time monitoring capabilities through strategically deployed sensors. Their cutting-edge platform empowers stakeholders with actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making and driving tangible outcomes in water conservation.

Perspectives Shared: Vijay Krishna expounded upon the pivotal role of behavioral change in catalyzing meaningful strides towards water conservation. By elucidating how WeGot’s sensor installations serve as catalysts for transformative shifts in water consumption behaviors, Vijay emphasized the intrinsic link between infrastructure development and behavioral shifts. Through compelling anecdotes and data-driven narratives, he underscored the instrumental role of technology in effecting tangible change in water management practices.


Company Overview: epitomizes innovation in mobile water treatment solutions, pioneering decentralized units that redefine traditional paradigms in water treatment. Their solutions offer a paradigm shift by enabling on-site treatment, reducing dependence on centralized infrastructure and fostering resilience in water management.

Insights Offered: Prabha Nagarajan delved into the transformative potential of decentralized water treatment solutions in addressing the challenges posed by traditional centralized systems. By articulating how’s mobile units herald a new era of sustainability, Prabha underscored the imperative of embracing innovative technologies to optimize resource utilization and mitigate environmental impacts.

Swapnil ShrivastavUravu Labs:

Company Overview: Uravu Labs is at the vanguard of renewable water generation, pioneering atmospheric water harvesting technologies that offer a sustainable solution to water scarcity. Their groundbreaking innovations harness atmospheric moisture to deliver clean, potable water, revolutionizing the approach to water procurement.

Perspectives Shared: Swapnil Shrivastav elucidated the transformative potential of atmospheric water harvesting in mitigating water scarcity challenges. By elucidating how Uravu Labs’ innovative solutions harness natural resources to deliver clean water, Swapnil underscored the intrinsic link between technological innovation and sustainable water management practices. Through compelling narratives and visionary insights, he underscored the imperative of embracing renewable technologies to secure water for future generations.

Ganesh ShankarFluxGen Technologies:

Company Overview: FluxGen Technologies pioneers data-driven solutions in water management, harnessing the power of IoT and data analytics to optimize resource utilization and drive efficiencies in water-intensive processes.

Insights Shared: Ganesh Shankar delved into the transformative potential of decentralized water management strategies in fostering sustainability and resilience. By articulating how FluxGen’s data-driven approach empowers businesses to track water consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement corrective measures, Ganesh underscored the pivotal role of technology in effecting tangible change in water management practices.

Lokesh RajashekaraiahECOSTP Technologies:

Company Overview: ECOSTP Technologies specializes in biomimicry-based sewage treatment systems, drawing inspiration from nature to develop efficient and sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment.

Perspectives Offered: Lokesh Rajashekaraiah elucidated the transformative potential of decentralized sewage treatment systems in urban water management. By articulating how ECOSTP Technologies’ nature-inspired solutions minimize energy consumption and chemical usage while maximizing efficiency, Lokesh underscored the imperative of embracing sustainable practices in wastewater treatment.

Adithya BharadwajAnicut Capital:

Company Overview: Anicut Capital is a prominent venture capital firm with a keen focus on investing in early-stage startups across diverse sectors, including water technology.

Insights Shared: Adithya Bharadwaj provided valuable insights into the investment landscape for water technology startups. By elucidating the criteria for investment and the importance of demonstrating economic viability and scalability, Adithya underscored the pivotal role of venture capital in driving innovation and fostering growth in the water technology sector. Through thought-provoking analysis and strategic foresight, he highlighted the potential for transformative change in water management practices.

In closing, the CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 panel discussion highlights the critical role of innovation and collaboration in advancing water sustainability. Insights from industry leaders showcase the transformative potential of technology, environmental stewardship, and visionary leadership. As we tackle water management challenges, decentralized solutions and data-driven approaches emerge as pivotal strategies. This underscores the collective responsibility to safeguard our planet’s most precious resource. By embracing these principles, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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