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At the CLIMAFIX Summit, a gathering of visionary entrepreneurs and investors, the future of climate technology and sustainable mobility took center stage. Representing a diverse array of innovative startups, each presenter shared their company’s mission, vision, and groundbreaking solutions aimed at addressing pressing environmental challenges. From venture capital firms to pioneering startups in the energy and transportation sectors, the presentations offered insights into cutting-edge technologies and collaborative efforts driving positive change in the climate tech landscape.

Now, let’s delve into the highlights from the presentations of Vishesh Rajaram, Rohit Grover, Dhairyasheel Deshmukh, Kaushik Bose, Mahendra Sengar, Ajesh Saklecha, and Deepak Mohan, shedding light on their companies’ endeavors to shape a more sustainable future at the CLIMAFIX Summit. 

Vishesh RajaramSpeciale Invest

Company Overview:

Speciale Invest is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage startups in the climate technology and sustainability sectors. With a mission to drive innovation and positive impact, Speciale Invest identifies promising startups and provides them with the necessary support and resources to scale their solutions.

Presentation Highlights:

Vishesh Rajaram, representing Speciale Invest, emphasized the firm’s commitment to nurturing startups at the forefront of climate technology and sustainable mobility. 

Vishesh highlighted the diverse portfolio of companies supported by Speciale Invest, showcasing their potential to address pressing environmental challenges. 

The presentation underscored the importance of collaboration and investment in innovative solutions that can drive positive change in the climate tech landscape.

Rohit GroverAerostrovilos Energy

Company Overview:

Aerostrovilos Energy is a startup dedicated to revolutionizing the energy sector with its air engine technology. By leveraging innovative design and fuel agnosticism, Aerostrovilos Energy aims to make air engines more affordable and accessible for various applications, including tracking and transportation.

Presentation Highlights:

Rohit Grover, CEO of Aerostrovilos Energy, presented the company’s groundbreaking air engine technology and its potential to transform tracking applications. 

Rohit showcased the unique features of their air engines, including their ability to run on a wide range of fuels, from diesel to hydrogen. 

The presentation highlighted Aerostrovilos Energy’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector, positioning the company as a key player in the transition to cleaner and more efficient transportation solutions.

Dhairyasheel DeshmukhDbyT Dynamics Mobility Solutions

Company Overview:

DbyT Dynamics Mobility Solutions is a startup focused on revolutionizing urban mobility with its hyper-local delivery services. By integrating electric vehicles, dedicated fleets, and real-time analytics, DbyT Dynamics aims to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for businesses and consumers alike.

Presentation Highlights:

Dhairyasheel Deshmukh, representing DbyT Dynamics Mobility Solutions, presented the company’s vision for transforming urban transportation. 

Deshmukh highlighted the importance of reliable last-mile delivery services in the era of e-commerce and convenience commerce. 

The presentation showcased DbyT Dynamics’ innovative approach to optimizing efficiency while minimizing carbon emissions, positioning the company as a leader in sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Kaushik Bose & Mahendra Sengar – Green Tiger Mobility

Company Overview:

Green Tiger Mobility is a startup focused on developing dual-power electric scooters, offering a unique solution to range anxiety and environmental sustainability. With embedded solar panels, swappable batteries, and advanced technology, Green Tiger Mobility aims to disrupt the electric scooter market while prioritizing environmental conservation.

Presentation Highlights:

Kaushik Bose and Mahendra Sengar, co-founders of Green Tiger Mobility, presented the company’s innovative dual-power electric scooters and their potential to revolutionize urban transportation. 

The presentation showcased the unique features of Green Tiger Mobility’s scooters, including their reliability, sustainability, and affordability. 

Kaushik Bose and Mahendra Sengar emphasized the importance of reducing carbon emissions and fostering environmental sustainability in the transportation sector, positioning Green Tiger Mobility as a leader in the transition to cleaner and greener mobility solutions.

Ajesh Saklecha & Deepak MohanOzone Motors

Company Overview:

Ozone Motors is a pioneering startup in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, specializing in the development of innovative electric scooters and motorcycles. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Ozone Motors aims to disrupt the traditional automotive industry by offering eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions.

Presentation Highlights:

Ajesh Saklecha and Deepak Mohan, co-founders of Ozone Motors, showcased the company’s commitment to advancing electric mobility through their range of electric scooters and motorcycles. 

The presentation highlighted Ozone Motors’ emphasis on sustainability, safety, and affordability in their product offerings. Saklecha and Mohan discussed the unique features of Ozone Motors’ electric vehicles, including their performance, range, and advanced battery technology. 

The presentation underscored Ozone Motors’ role in driving the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector, positioning the company as a leader in the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions.

In conclusion, the CLIMAFIX Summit showcased the dedication of entrepreneurs and investors to driving innovation in climate technology and sustainable mobility. Through their presentations, they highlighted the transformative potential of their solutions in addressing environmental challenges. As collaboration and investment in innovative solutions continue to grow, these efforts pave the way for a greener and more resilient future. The summit serves as a catalyst for accelerating the transition towards sustainability, inspiring action and collaboration among stakeholders in the pursuit of a more sustainable world.

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