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Chogen Powers – Greener, Efficient and Reliable Gasification Technology and Systems

Chogen is in the market with a range of revolutionary biomass gasifiers that combine the best features of up draft, down draft and cross draft systems.

A few gasifiers have been commissioned in Tamil Nadu for Power generation & Thermal (Drying) applications.

These gasifiers use a combination of high temperature steaming and gasification.


This is an Indigenous Advanced Biomass Gasification (Patent Filed) system.

 The synergy created would offer:

  • High performance with less downtime.
  • Negligible levels of tar generation.
  • Higher ratio of Energy output to Biomass input.
  • Accept a wider range and size of bio mass with moisture level up to 45%.
  • High moisture content (a performance limiting factor in other gasifiers) is converted into steam and then subject to high temperature cracking thus enhancing percentage of CO and H2 in the output gas.
  • Advanced grate mechanism for efficient char and ash discharge.
  • Almost Zero pollution.
  • Inbuilt safety measures for emergency shutdown.
  • Attractive payback period.

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