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EAI Cleantech Ambassadors

The EAI Cleantech Ambassador Program provides a unique opportunity for school students, college students and seniors to make critical contributions to making India green and earning wide recognition for their efforts.

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EAI School Ambassadors

This group will comprise exceptional school students who are willing to contribute time and efforts for awareness creation in schools for renewable energy and clean technologies.

To assist this group, EAI will provide support materials as well as guidance on how the school students can make a difference. Where required, EAI will also interact with the school administration and parents to ensure that the children are able to add significant value to themselves as well as to their ecosystems.

EAI College Ambassadors

This group will comprise exceptional college students who are willing to contribute to increased adoption of renewable energy at colleges – both in terms of inclusion in the curriculum and assistance for renewable energy projects.

To assist this group, EAI will provide guidance on how the college students can start sustainable projects in their colleges and environments. The EAI web site and online community (EAI Club) will also be customised to allow the EAI College Ambassadors to network better and share notes and project inputs.

EAI Senior Ambassadors

Seniors who are keen on contributing to making their communities clean and green are welcome to become EAI Senior Ambassadors.

To assist this group, EAI will create separate sections on the site to facilitate networking among these members. Such facilitations can enable productive knowledge sharing on how specific community projects in renewable energy and clean technology are proceeding. Where necessary, EAI will also provide contacts of experts for the EAI Senior Ambassadors to reach out for further operational and technical assistance.


The finest reward for EAI Cleantech Ambassadors is the satisfaction that they get in contributing something to the future of India. However, there is more than just that!

  • Each ambassador will get an exclusive page at EAI, India’s largest clean technology web resource. The Ambassador Pages will be highlighted throughout the EAI web site. These activities will ensure significant recognition for the Ambassadors
  • Interesting contributions by the ambassadors could be highlighted in EAI Blog and/or EAI newsletters, providing further recognition
  • Where required, EAI can provide certificates and other formal recognitions for the ambassadors
  • All ambassadors will get significant incentives (in the form of discount or waivers) for programs conducted by EAI.
Send a note to consult@eai.in or Call +91-9840436048 to know more about EAI Ambassadors

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